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Why have your thesis proofread?

  • Correct language mistakes
  • Improve academic language use
  • Correct references, bibliography, appendices

Why choose Scribbr

  • We provide a top-rated, reliable service
  • Our editors are experienced and thorough
  • We get the job done on time and give excellent value for money

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How does the thesis proofreading service look like?
Thesis proofreading service - Scribbr

Best quality thesis proofreading

Experienced editors

Our editors are native English speakers who are specialized in academic writing. The team offers an understanding of a wide range of subject specialisms. They are all trained to the high Scribbr standard and adhere to strict guidelines.

All our editors work with the Scribbr Improvement Model which is specially designed for academic texts.

In addition to correcting your text, they will provide you with constructive feedback to help enhance your future writing and to identify any recurring errors in your work.

The extra mile

You have put a lot of hard work into your research so why not go the extra mile and have your PhD thesis proofread and edited?

Sometimes you have worked on a text for so long that it becomes hard to see your own errors or recognise areas that can be improved.

We can bring fresh eyes, eagle eyes, to your thesis and ensure that your submission is as good as it can possibly be.

High quality

  • Quality is our top priority at Scribbr.
  • The confidentiality of your documents is ensured.
  • We are at your service 365 days a year, 24/7, and can work with a variety of deadlines from 24 hours to 7 days.
  • Our Scribbr team is always there for you.

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What is thesis proofreading?

The editor will correct spelling, grammar, academic style, punctuation, incorrect and unclear words or sentences, sentence and paragraph structure.

If the meaning of a sentence is unclear, the editor will help you improve the text by asking questions, providing suggestions, giving tips and writing comments.

The editor works with Track Changes in Word to correct your text. All changes are tracked and the editor’s comments are shown in balloons in the margins of the document.


What is the structure service?

If you opt for the additional structure service, the editor will check your thesis organization including the effective organization of your chapters, sections and paragraphs. They will advise on the titles and headings of your document. They will help you avoid repetitious or redundant text.


What is covered?

We can edit any documents required for your PhD submission, including the thesis itself, the abstract, bibliography, appendices, and any accompanying publications.

If you provide us with information regarding the layout and format requirements of your PhD thesis, we can check your document and adjust the layout for you directly.

We will also check your bibliography based on the reference style you should follow. We will pay attention to both in-text references and references in your bibliography.

Scribbr also provides an optional plagiarism checking service.