Our academic editing and proofreading services

Dissertation Proofreading

Your dissertation can be carefully and sensitively proofread by one of our talented, professional editors, ensuring that your written English is clear, fluent and precise.

A piece of work that you can take immense pride in.

Dissertation Proofreading

Thesis Proofreading

Writing your PhD thesis invariably takes great time and effort.

By using our thesis proofreading service you can be sure that all your endeavours to build an original, persuasive argument will be fully recognized and appreciated.

Thesis Proofreading

Essay Proofreading

Essay writing can be a major challenge, requiring language that is concise, vigorous and engaging.

Our experienced editors can offer invaluable advice on producing winning essays so that eventually you will no longer even need our essay proofreading service.

Essay Proofreading

Why academic proofreading?

Writing an academic essay or dissertation can be difficult and challenging. When you submit your work or prepare your essay for publication you need 100% certainty that it is completely free of errors, inconsistencies and grammatical muddle.

By using the Scribbr Academic Proofreading Service all mistakes are corrected and with our friendly feedback you will learn how to be a better writer.

We’ve already proofread over 10,000 academic documents!

Best academic proofreading service

More and more students know where to find us. Their happy reviews are the reason we work hard every day!

TW 22 February 2019

Great feedback

Great feedback and accepted almost all the edits he suggested. His editing job enhanced my dissertation proposal and I am very satisfied with the result! Thank you!

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Carlo Bagordo 20 February 2019

Excelent job

Excelent job

Read review on TrustPilot
Jiyoung Kyoung 20 February 2019

It was good

It was detailed and good

Read review on TrustPilot
Thomas 20 February 2019

Used for academic paper

I used this service for an academic paper and the editing job was very good and professional and helped me to greatly improve the paper.

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little acorn 20 February 2019

Excellent service

Love Scribbr. Great editors and customer service for the price. Everyone is so kind, responsive and friendly. I'd definitely return to this service again.

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Obiageli Sneed 19 February 2019

Scribbr review (dissertation)

The level of feedback that was provided was excellent! Tracey was extremely thorough and consistent with revisions that were made throughout my dissertation. She even provided justification why certain edits were made. I felt that not only did Tracey thoroughly review and edit my dissertation but also provided useful information about writing that I did not know before. Excellent work!

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Sungryoung Jung 19 February 2019

Excellent performance

If you choose Scribbr, you never be disappointed with their performance. It must be a good choice.

Read review on TrustPilot
michelle smith 18 February 2019

Tim was prompt and thorough with his…

Tim was prompt and thorough with his proofreading. I will definitely use Tim and scribbr again.

Read review on TrustPilot
Mira Kapetanovic 18 February 2019

Excellent and very detailed

Excellent and very detailed. I’m so pleased and will seek out additional services shortly for other documents.

Read review on TrustPilot
Mahnaz S 18 February 2019

It was excellent 👌👍

It was excellent 👌👍

Read review on TrustPilot
Diana Contreras 18 February 2019

I am very happy about using this…

I am very happy about using this proofreading-service. It gave me the opportunity to submit my manuscript to someone familiar in the field of education, which was exactly what I needed. The delivery of the result was on-time, which I really appreciated. The proof-reader went through the whole manuscript. She not only corrected the mistakes but also gave me a lot of useful tips to correct my writing.

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Iselin Aartun 18 February 2019

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!

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Daniel Miller 17 February 2019

Absolutely excellent work

Absolutely excellent work! The comments were very useful and it was very impressive to see the level of details that the editor paid attention to. I'm more than satisfied with the results.

Read review on TrustPilot
TM 16 February 2019

Great service

Great service

Read review on TrustPilot
steve 16 February 2019

I have been so impressed with the…

I have been so impressed with the editors here, and based on my experiences would not hesitate.

Read review on TrustPilot
María Guadalupe Ramírez 14 February 2019

Excelente work and very good advices!

Thank you very much, Sabrina. Your comments and recommendations helped me a lot! I will use your advice for the next essays, for sure.

Read review on TrustPilot
Richard 14 February 2019

Incredibly fast and detailed

I definitely recommend using Scribbr, since they not only do a profound and detailed correction, but they also work very fast and efficiently.

Read review on TrustPilot
Bouba Abakar 14 February 2019


I will use again

Read review on TrustPilot
Maria 14 February 2019

I recommend it

I recommend it! they work well and fast. And the tips are very helpful.

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S.P 13 February 2019

Kjære Camilla

Kjære Camilla. Tusen takk for hjelpen. Du er dyktig . Jeg blir glad i dokumentet mitt etter at du har rettet den. Jeg synes hovedpunktene mine kommer bedre fram. Jeg synes dere som jobber på Scribbr er dyktige og ikke minst hyggelig når dere skrive kommentar tilbake. Jeg føler meg ikke dum eller nedvurdert. Stor takk til deg og vil gjerne ha deg igjen.

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Submit a completely error-free document

If you are an ESL student whose English skills leave room for improvement, or just wish to ensure there are no language mistakes in your document, then why not use the Scribbr Academic Proofreading Service?

By using our proofreading service all mistakes will be corrected via Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Our editors will also provide friendly, helpful feedback on how to improve your writing.

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Academic documents

Scribbr specializes in proofreading academic documents. All our editors have themselves written a dissertation or thesis and have first-hand experience of all the struggles that this entails.

Why not allow these willing specialists to help to improve your own writing?

Helped over 10.000 students and academics

Scribbr has many satisfied customers and has already proofread over 10,000 documents.

We would love to help you improve your document too.

Ready to try our academic proofreading service?

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academic proofreading service mission

Scribbr is an academic proofreading service founded in 2012. The company has grown to include over 400 editors, and is now one of the largest academic proofreading companies.

We deliver premium quality work at a fair and competitive price. Both students and academics value our quality and our prompt service, rating our service at 9.8.


Please contact us

The team is 24/7 available for your questions.

Frequently asked questions

Is the editor an expert in my field of study?

When you place an order, you can specify your field of study and we’ll match you with an editor who has familiarity with this area.

However, our editors are language specialists, not academic experts in your field. Your editor’s job is not to comment on the content of your dissertation, but to improve your language and help you express your ideas as clearly and fluently as possible.

This means that your editor will understand your text well enough to give feedback on its clarity, logic and structure, but not on the accuracy or originality of its content.

Good academic writing should be understandable to a non-expert reader, and we believe that academic editing is a discipline in itself. The research, ideas and arguments are all yours – we’re here to make sure they shine!

Can I contact my editor directly?

You won’t have direct contact with your editor, but if you have questions before, during or after the editing process, you can always contact them via the Scribbr support team. We’ll make sure the editor answers your questions.

The editor will also see full details of your order. If your supervisor has given you specific instructions, if you have language questions for the editor, or if there’s a particular area of concern you’d really like them to focus on, you can include these at the ordering stage and we’ll pass them on.

What is our Proofreading & Editing service?

Proofreading & Editing entails checking for errors or omissions, whether typographical, linguistic, coding or positional; wrong usage of words and expressions; and inconsistencies. On top of that, your editor will help you become a better writer in the future with a personal improvement letter.

Language use will be improved

Your editor will correct:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Academic style
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Word choice
  • Incorrect and unclear words or sentences

Personal feedback with tips and suggestions

Your editor will give you feedback about:

  • Verb tenses
  • Writing numbers
  • Introducing abbreviations
  • Taboo words
  • And some basic language rules!

Your editor will proofread your document using Word’s Track Changes. When you receive your text back, you can simply accept all changes.


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I have a tight deadline. Can you edit my document in time?

You choose the turnaround time when ordering. We can return your dissertation within 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. These timescales include weekends and holidays. As soon as you’ve paid, the deadline is set, and we guarantee to meet it! We’ll notify you by text and email when your editor has completed the job.

Very large orders might not be possible to complete in 24 hours. On average, our editors can complete around 13,000 words in a day while maintaining our high quality standards. If your order is longer than this and urgent, contact us to discuss possibilities.

Always leave yourself enough time to check through the document and accept the changes before your submission deadline.

How do I receive my document when the editor has finished proofreading?

After your document has been edited, you will receive an email with a link to download the document.

The editor has made changes to your document using ‘Track Changes’ in Word. This means that you only have to accept or ignore the changes that are made in the text one by one.

It is also possible to accept all changes at once. However, we strongly advise you not to do so for the following reasons:

  • You can learn a lot by looking at the mistakes you made.
  • The editors don’t only change the text – they also place comments when sentences or sometimes even entire paragraphs are unclear. You should read through these comments and take into account your editor’s tips and suggestions.
  • With a final read-through, you can make sure you’re 100% happy with your text before you submit!